Our action


1. SYNAFOC is an independent union;

2. SYNAFOC defends the rights and interests of professional footballers, who play in Cameroon, and Cameroonian professional footballers, who play abroad;

3. SYNAFOC is the only voice of Cameroonian footballers. He is recognized by the FIFPro, the International Federation of Professional Footballers;

4. SYNAFOC, although totally independent, is a partner of FECAFOOT, where representatives of our union sit;

5. SYNAFOC wants to impose a standard standard contract, in accordance with the FIFA Circulars, for the two professional divisions;

6. SYNAFOC offers each of its members permanent legal assistance, including the signing of contracts;

7. SYNAFOC respects, monitors and protects the image rights of players, whether individual or collective;

8. SYNAFOC is working on retraining players by offering training adapted to its members;

9. SYNAFOC is present next to its members when they are victims of abuse;

10. SYNAFOC makes no distinction as to nationality, religion, political ideas, race or sex.

For all these reasons, join Synafoc for an accomplished career!


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