Founded in 1996, the AFC (today known as SYNAFOC, National Union of Cameroonian Footballers) is the only Cameroonian trade union that defends and represents the rights and interests of footballers in Cameroon. SYNAFOC has more than 2,400 members. Officially a member of FIFPro since 2002, SYNAFOC is the privileged interlocutor of Cameroonian footballers with FIFA, CAF and FECAFOOT. SYNAFOC is dedicated to the promotion and development of Cameroonian football.
Autonomous, and therefore independent of the Cameroon Football Federation, SYNAFOC brings to national football its uncompromising expertise and its strength of proposal in the interest of footballers and all of Cameroonian football. SYNAFOC has, for the sake of the cause, a modern and functional headquarters in Yassa, in the suburbs of Douala. This building, inaugurated in June 2008, houses all the services available to players.

December 1995

The AFC finally created!

That it was long the path that led David MAYEBI and some irreducible to the creation, December 23, 1995, the Association of Cameroonian Footballers ...

January 19, 1999

Immunization campaign

One of the hobby horses on which AFC's action has been based has been to focus on the physiological comfort of young active players. The first fruits of the cooperation with the National Union of Professional Footballers of France (UNFP) will be collected at this level. As part of this partnership will be born the idea of ​​a national vaccination campaign.

June 18, 2008
AFC in its walls
It was in June, and with great fanfare, that the headquarters of the AFC, just completed, was inaugurated in Douala.

October 12, 2009

The AFC offers 5 defibrillators!

In a colorful ceremony, chaired by the minister of sports and physical education, the Cameroon Footballers Association has once again demonstrated that it remains and remains an association that protects and defends the rights and interests of footballers .

February 24, 2011

CAF / FIFPro Agreement

In February, signing of agreements between the FIFPro Africa Division and the African Football Confederation. A big win for African footballers. For African football. David Mayébi, president of the AFC, accompanied Stéphane Burchkalter, secretary general of the Africa Division.

May 01, 2011

FIFPro Board Meeting

In May, the AFC hosts a meeting of the Board of the FIFPro Africa Division, which demonstrates the steady progress made by the Division.

January 24, 2012

SYNAFOC takes up residence in Yaoundé ...
The new SYNAFOC offices in Yaoundé were inaugurated on January 19th.

March 23, 2012

A new website ...

Launch of the new SYNAFOC website, which brings the union into another dimension of communications ...

May 15, 2012

Land of welcome...

It is at SYNAFOC that the annual Congress of the Africa Division of FIFPro should be held in Douala ...
The meeting of all the member countries, in Douala, was a great success, to the credit of David MAYEBI and all his team. It was also an opportunity for many to discover the headquarters of SYNAFOC.

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