“We appreciate and welcome the FECAFOOT initiative”

Le Président National du SYNAFOC, Gérémie Sorèle Njitap Fotso (Archives SYNAFOC)‎

Reacting to the financial assistance provided by FECAFOOT to the players of the elite championships, the National President of SYNAFOC expresses his gratitude to FECAFOOT. Gérémie Sorèle Njitap Fotso also deplores the way the clubs treat players. It also urges football players to respect all the measures prescribed by the Cameroonian government to block the coronavirus...

How do you see FECAFOOT’s initiative to support football players in the Cameroon Elite Championships?

We appreciate and applaud the FECAFOOT initiative. On behalf of our union members, we thank FECAFOOT for this commendable gesture. It must be said that in this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, this money will allow the women and women football players of our elite championships to manage one or two things


Are you satisfied with the way the clubs treat players?

Let’s say that as a union, we will not be satisfied until the day when footballers in Cameroon will live decently with their talent. But at the moment it is far from being the case. However, at SYNAFOC we are and remain willing to make our modest contribution to develop and professionalize our football so that the main players that are players are better treated.



Do you think there have been improvements since the FIFA connections at the start of the season?


Les améliorations ne sont pas encore perceptibles. Mais nous continuons à travailler dans le sens du bien-être de tous, joueurs et clubs confondus. Au niveau de la FIFPRO nous sommes sur certains dossiers avec la FIFA qui à terme devraient considérablement améliorer les choses. Pour le moment, je ne peux pas vous en dire d’avantage mais vous serrez informés en temps opportun.  Toutefois, sachez que l’un des premiers résultats de cette collaboration entre la FIFA et la FIFPRO autour de l’amélioration des conditions de vie et de travail des footballeurs c’est le fond de solidarité en faveur des joueurs sans salaires ou en cessation de paiement récemment mis sur pied par la FIFA.


Is there any chance that the football player will be fulfilled in Cameroon one day?


Of course you do. But this can only be possible with the will and participation of all the stakeholders of our football: the government, the FECAFOOT, professional and specialized leagues, clubs, footballers, coaches, referees, medical staff, journalists, fans, etc.
In fact, for the football player to flourish in Cameroon, it takes the will and the total involvement of all. It is necessary that all the links of the big family of our football function as a team, look in the same direction and make block. If some of them get involved and some of them are lagging behind, we’re not going to get there.
Having said that, if I may, I would like to say a word to Cameroonian footballers in general and particularly to those in Cameroon. Indeed, at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to exterminate humanity, I urge you to scrupulously respect all the measures prescribed by the WHO and the Cameroonian government. I strongly advise you to stay home and only go out if necessary. And when you go out, wear a nose mask. Wash your hands regularly with soap and running water. Suspend participation in football games and/or group training. During this entire period of confinement, focus exclusively on individual training. Please be aware that you can count on the support of your union, SYNAFOC. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. I invite you to remain cautious and vigilant so that once the threat is under control, we all find ourselves around our passion: football.

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